{ World of LOSSTM }

When an idea dies, all the energy and illusion we have projected that it is not lost.

It becomes something new and is reborn as a little creature.

They live among us, sharing the same obsession to become that they once had been created for. That idea never became real.
Since we spot them for the first time one year ago, we have been seaching and interacting with them.

The time has come for them to return to their true home.
where they belong.

We called them LOSS.

They represent the ideas that never became real.
They are unique and eternal beings.
They are obsessed with one simple goal: being that one idea that never was.
They are innocent and restless.

{00} The birth of Loss

The legend says that every time that a creation dies, the energy is not lost, it transforms to another beautiful opportunity to live and experiment with the soul of this idea.

Only the good things don't last for long. Good ones die young. Seems all the goodness in this world is meant to be lost sooner than the rest of things. But why?

Found inhabitants

{01} butterfly

This buddy was the first one we found in our installations. Specifically in our garden on the terrace. He was always trying to catch a beautiful orange butterfly.

>>> Rest LOSS

{02} Sword of stream

A little warrior has taken military control of our office after a big ACE. His AoE is basically the kitchen and every pizza around disappeared. He rules fiercely and relentlessly all of us no more Mario Karts are allowed in his presence.

>>> Rest LOSS

{03} le royal Arlequin

The master of puppets, the lord of the lords, the no fun joke gentleman, the mastermind of tricks, the rule breaker of the rule makers, the one with no other name than king of madness: The Joker, is back... take him back to the casino and let him be once again the king.

From the most secret desires of the seven capital sins a little playboy was born. No apetite restrictions, no alergic ingredients can stop our friend to be starving all day long on his long time journey to adore vacus, the god of fests.

>>> Rest LOSS

{04} the feast of the beauty

Spoted inhabitants

soon... more Loss
soon... more Loss
soon... more Loss