what we do

Our mission

Our goal is to facilitate the production of audiovisual content for all types of companies, from startups to large corporations, through our in-house model.

In Spain, the production of advertising pieces in 2021 has reached a record figure, which we would all like to reach: 450 million euros. And the most important thing is that 70% of the revenue was generated for audiovisual content.The reality is that most companies do not have specialized teams to meet this new communication need.

This is where our proposal gains value and stands out from the rest. We are committed to working differently, even though in reality we work as we always have, in-house and with the best experts in the field.

How does this work?

Our in-house approach allows us to specialize in producing branded content with Linkvids and creating Social Ads with Bananads.

Every month we develop videos and campaigns for our clients, ready to be used on social networks, TV or internal platforms.

Who are we?

People call us a creative agency, a video agency or an audio-visual production company, but Linkvids is a unique model designed with audio-visual professionals and marketers. We help our clients increase their online sales and grow their business.

It's that simple.



We have a young - but sometimes not so young - team of illustrators, writers, creatives, directors, editors, producers and others who know their way around a marketing project.


We have 3 studios so you can get into action whenever you want. That's why our hands smell like film.


We're the partner that picks up your phone even when it's on airplane mode. We put the customer at the center to deliver a unique experience.



Audiovisual production in Barcelona

Linkvids is a unique video agency. They call us an audiovisual production company, a creative agency or a video marketing agency. But what we really are is a partner in creating content in a more flexible, affordable and efficient way. Ultimately, our in-house model will prevail.

Services: production (branded content, digital, TV), post-production, creative, illustration, 3D and motion graphics.


Video marketing agency in Barcelona

We create videos for all digital platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok). Each piece is designed, adapted and optimized according to the specifications of the different digital platforms. We provide innovative and original content that fits your budget. We always strive to make sure your video earns you more than it costs you.

Services: content strategies, snack content, ecommerce, UGC, Social Ads.


Rent a set in Barcelona

We have 3 sets at our disposal near Barcelona, in Cornellá de Llobregat. It is a versatile space of 450m2, capable of hosting all types of audiovisual and photographic productions and events. Our facilities can be adapted to your needs at very competitive prices.

Services: rental of sets, equipment and crews for productions.

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Senior Account Executive
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Motion Grapher

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Creative Strategist Intern

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Content Creator & Tiktok Expert

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Administrator & Human Ressources

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Motion Grapher

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